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Car Data Checks

A large percentage of cars on the road have a hidden history, don't get caught out,car data checks will help uncover any hidden history..

The risks are :

  1. The car has been previously written off and then has been repaired and put back on the road, sometimes the repairs are very good and roadworthy but sometimes they are not and the car can become a deathtrap in an accident. It will also mean that the price you pay for the car may be well above it's true value. Reselling the car could become very difficult if a prospective buyer does a data check before you do.
  2. The car is subject to an unpaid HP contract which means that the car is not legally the registered users property to sell and could be at risk of being reposessed at any time regardless of who the registered keeper is.
  3. The car has had a number plate change, quite common and legal for a cherished number plate, but may hide a bad history or it may not be the car it is registered as.
  4. Colour change of the car body, again may be quite legitimate but again may hide the cars true identity.

Remember that a car is probably one of the biggest purchases you will make.
A data check is a small price to pay for that peace of mind.

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