EBC Motorcycle Brakes

EBC Brakes has dominated the world market for motorcycle parts with it's quality brake parts for over 30 years. Growing to manufacture its entire product range including Kevlar organic brake pads, sintered brakes for motorcycles including the world famous Double-H sintered brake pads, and its world number one selling Kevlar organic formula DMX brake pads. EBC Brakes also make carbon graphite brake pads for motocross and enduro use and sintered brakes for ATV and motocross bikes.

Motorcycling has been at the heart of EBC's business since 1978 after it was started by Andy Freeman. Himself a biker and enthusiast with many years experience and many bikes owned and ridden, giving EBC its heart and soul. Understanding Motorcycles is a passion that EBC Brakes is proud to have, the understanding between Motorcycle riders is unique and the EBC approach to producing brakes for Motorcycles is no less of a passion.

Understanding the motorcycle brakes market is also an art. It is entirely different in its demands to the automotive market where price is all important, volume is key and the customer is very rarely an enthusiast. The very word Motorcycle is synonymous with is the word enthusiast, with very few people these days riding Motorcycles because they have to.

Being an inherently instable vehicle, motorcyclists have an awareness for safety and a desire for quality. This has kept the cheap and cheerful brigade away from the motorcycle brake parts market for the 35 years that motorcycle disc brakes have existed, EBC hopes it will stay that way.