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Odyssey Batteries

The ultimate battery for street cruising or long distance traveling. These dynamic power sources incorporate a rugged sealed design, combined with all the safety and vibration-resistant features you'd expect from the world's leading drycell battery.

Auto - Car Audio
Serious power the serious driver. Odyssey is the battery that pumps out instant power for unbeatable performance for both start-up power and in-car entertainment and sound systems. Because it has twice the power of other equally sized batteries, its lightweight and compact features mean it can neatly fit under a car seat or in the trunk.

PCW - ATV - Snowmobiles
Reliable, versatile, high performance power - these features mean Odyssey batteries keep the action going at full throttle, time after time. If your passion is land, water or snow sports, makes sure you choose Odyssey - the extreme battery for extreme sports.

Extreme Vehicles
High-powered action on the high seas, the race track and lots more besides. The Odyssey Extreme range provides all the power you need, at a fraction of the weight and size of conventional batteries. And when the going gets tough they just go on and on.

Whether you're a professional seafarer or a weekend sailor, reliability and safety must be of prime importance... and there's no more reliable or safer power source than Odyssey.

4x4 & Off Road
Providing the muscle and 'superformance' for very heavy duty applications, Odyssey is way out in front when it comes to superior cranking power and deep cycle ability.

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